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Rare Rune List

Here's a chance for you to contribute.

( LISTENING ) CRYSTALS: These are not actually runes but are used to recruit
2 or more characters. Read the Faq questions above.

*DOUBLE-BEAT: Received from the CutRabbit enemies you battle early
in the game, on the North Sparrow Pass. You can also take one off Gijimu.
~ Usefulness ******** 2 attacks in one turn!!!!!

*TECHNIQUE: Gained from the same enemies as above.
~ Usefulness **** Steal extra money when you attack. (Hoi has one of these.)

*FURY: Rare Finds in the rune shop in Muse.
~ Usefulness ****** always berserk (1.5x damage)!! SPECIAL NOTE:
Equip on Oulan to have the ability to use her Rune as many times as you

*WALL: Received from the enemy called Sunking in the Cave of Wind.
~ Usefulness * 2x defence can only defend but you can at least counter.

*GALE: Received from the enemies called Sickles-orange things
you find around Greenhill early in the game.
~ Usefulness * 1.5x speed

*MEDICINE: Received from Flying Squirrel enemies around
South Window/Radat/Kuskus town.
~ Usefulness ** read the Faq for more info

*DRAINING: Can be bought in Greenhill academy by talking to the
runemaster-Jeane's student and buying it when it appears in the Rare Finds
~ Usefulness ** heals HP when you do a critical hit, equip Killer rune for
a higher percent chance.

*FIRE-LIZARD-WPN: A useful rune (if you have a *fire-sealing as well) found
in the Sindar ruins while trying to help Alex.
Usefulness **** 1.5x damage but you suffer damage too, equip *Fire-Sealing

*CHIMERA: Found on the way out of Greenhill while escaping with Teresa.
~ Usefulness ???? Haven't figured this one out yet.

*FRIENDSHIP-WPN: Found in South Window at a small Bonsai on the
far right of town.
~ Usefulness ****** read the Faq for more info.

*KINDNESS-WPN: Found in the vegetable pot right by the ship at
Lakewest town.
~ Usefulness *********** Check out the Faq for details.

*DOUBLE-STRIKE: Received from the enemy called Eagleman in the Kobold
town forest called Unicorn Forest (while on the Hix/Tengaar subquest)
~ Usefulness *****1.5x damage to enemy and you.
SPECIAL NOTE: Does not affect magic damage. Useful for the last boss

*EXERTION-WPN: Found in a pot just outside the chief's house in the southern
Kobold village.
~ Usefulness ********* Damage goes up each turn, 2x damage after 6 turns!!

*SYLPH: Received from the enemy called Pinkbird around the Matilda area.
~ Usefulness ** give 1/3 of your HP to allies.

*ALERT-WPN: Found in a boat (or barrel) sitting by the water in Banner
~ Usefulness ****** 1.5x magic damage!!!!

*BLINKING: Given to you by a person in Rokkaku village.
~ Usefulness *** Viki's rune!!!

*BARRIOR: Received from the enemies called RinRin, RanRan and TenTen
or something, found on the path to the Toran Republic. The ninjas that
always attack in groups of three.
~ Usefulness **** repel magic 10%

*CYCLONE: Given to you by a person in the Gregminster Inn.
~ Usefulness **** most powerful Wind spells.

*DARKNESS: Can be bought in the South Window rune shop about half
way through the game.
~ Usefulness *** Sierra's rune-pretty powerful.

*VIOLENCE: Found in Rockaxe in the appraisal shop. Search the bookshelf.
~ Usefulness ********** When you take 1/2 your total amount of HP of damage
( can cure in the meantime) you become berserk and do many, many times
damage. Like 4x or even more.

*FIREFLY: Dropped by the enemies called Airdragons on your way to
Tigermouth village.
~ Usefulness ** makes enemies target this character.

*FIRE-SEALING: Dropped by the enemies called Unicombie in the Tinto mine.
~ Usefulness **** use on Zazma, or persons equipped with Fire Lizard-Wpn

*RAGE: Given to you by Jeane's replacement when you finally liberate
Greenhill late in the game. (The runemaster in the school).
~ Usefulness ****** most powerful Fire spells. Definitely try adding this
to your weapons

*MOTHER EARTH: Given to you by Gustav after you beat Neclord.
~ Usefulness *** most powerful Earth spells. The final spell is a
must for the last boss.

*SUNBEAM: Given to you by the chief in Crom after you beat Neclord.
~ Usefulness **** recover lots of HP! By walking and during battle.

*FLOWING: Given to you by the person in the basement of the runeshop
in Muse after you liberate it.
~ Usefulness ***** add it to weapon to recover 15 HP each turn, also
most powerful Water spells.

*HUNTER-WPN: Get one from the Guardian plans by using the combination
Unicorn, Unicorn, Turtle, Unicorn. Thanks Ray Watts for this one
( Or you can find it by searching the large tree behind
your old house in Kyaro Town, during the ending.
~ Usefulness ?????? Not quite sure-your damage is reduced to 1 and you have
only a 5% chance of hitting the enemy. If you do connect the enemy will drop
an item. Then just use magic to finish them off. I tried to just get a
counterstrike but even if you do it doesn't count as a hit.
SPECIAL NOTE: Don't try and get two items from enemies-they will only drop
ONE at a time with this Rune.