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Medicine 100
Heals 100 HP

Mega Medicine 500
Heals 500 HP

Dragon Incense
Heals 50 HP for all allies

Antitoxin 200
Cures poisoned status

Needle 200
Cures balloon status

Throat Drops 200
Cures silence

Sacrificial Jizo 5000
Auto cures unconsciousness

Boulder Set 2000
Equip and go take a bath

Makes a rubber ducky float in the bath

Toy Boat 2000
Floating boat for bath

Sexy Wink 5000
Beauty ATK Up

Lubricating Oil
Gadget's Attack up by 50%, Meg use only

Sunglasses 1500
No damage from Flash ATK

Rose Bouquet
Narcissus ATK up

Leisure Set
For Family ATK. Nanami restore health more

Dog Whistle
Increses odds of the Kobold ATK army strike going off

Invincible Smile
Fancy Lad ATK up

Cup of Promise
Manly and Bandit ATK up

Escape Talisman 500
Escape from dungeons

Stone of Power 2000
Raises Strength attribute

Stone of Magic 2000
Raises Magic attribute

Stone of Defense 2000
Raises Defense attribute

Stone of Mag-Def 2000
Raises Magic Defense

Stone of Luck 2000
Raises Luck attribute

Stone of Skill 2000
Raises Tech attribute