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Character Unite Attacks

2 Character Unite Attacks

Hero + McDohl
Leader Attack: i have no clue wut the damage is.. sorry lol
Hero + Jowy
Buddy Attack: 1x Damage to all enemies, great looking effects.

Hero + Nanami
Family Attack: 2x Damage to one enemy; Nanami either heals for 10% of total hp, or attacks.

Hero + Hoi
Copycat Attack: 1x Damage to one enemy; Basically, Hoi Fails to connect.

Abizboah + L'RoladiaDouble
Kraken Attack: 1x Damage to first row of enemies.

Flik + Viktor
Cross Attack: 1.5x Damage to one enemy, 30% chance of knockdown.

Gengen + Gabocha
Kobold Attack: 1x Damage to one enemy; Gabocha becomes unbalanced, 20% chance of special attack.

Hanna + Oulan
Tackle Attack: 0.75x damage to all enemies, 30% chance of unbalance for the duo.

Kasumi + Mondo
Ninja Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy; 30% chance of knockdown.

Kinnison + Shiro
Loyal Dog Attack: 1.5x Damage to one enemy; 0.5x damage to one Column to enemies.

Kinnison, Stallion, Ayda (Two of Three)
Bow Attack: 0.5 damage to all enemies.

Long Chan Chan + Wakaba
Twin Fighter Attack: 3x damage to one enemy; BOTH


Meg + Gadget
Trick Attack: Gadget attacks all for the normal amount.

Miklotov + Camus
Knight Attack: 2x Damage to one enemy; Miklotov and Camus have a 30% chance of unbalance.

Nina + Flik
Groupie Attack: 2.5x Damage to one enemy; Nina becomes unbalanced.

Chaco + Sid
Winger Attack: 1.5x Damage to one enemy, 30% chance of becoming poisoned.

Freed Y + Yoshino
Husband-Wife Attack: 2x Damage to one enemy; Yoshino Unbalanced.

Rikimaru + Amada
Manly Attack: 2x damage to one column of enemies.

Shin + Genshu
Swordsman Attack: 0.5x damage to all enemies; 20% chance of Instant Death.

Shiro + Gengen/Gabocha (1 of the 2)
Bow Wow Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy.

Sigfried + Feather Double Monster Attack: 3x Damage to one enemy; both characters unbalanced.

Tengaar + Hix
Warriors Attack: 2x damage to one enemy; Hix gets hit by Tengaar's attack.

Tsai + Tomo
Dad-Daughter Attack: 1x damage to front row of enemies.

Valeria + Anita
Rival Attack: Val and Anita attack with their Falcon Runes, 3x damage; Val unbalanced.

Viki + Abizboah or L'Roladia
Heads Up!!: 2x damage to one enemy; Abizboah/L'Roladia unbalanced.

Vincent + Simone
Narcissus Attack: 0.5 Damage to all enemies; Way too many roses, if you ask me!
3 Character Unite Attacks

Badeaux + Abizboah/L'Roladia/Feather/Siegfried (Choose Two Monsters)
Beastmaster Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy; two animals become berserk.

Bolgan + Gantetsu + Long Chan Chan
Flash Attack: 1.5x Damage to all enemies; 0.5x damage to all Allies.

Eilie + Rina + Bolgan (Bolgan becomes unbalanced)
Circus Attack: Bolgan Plays Human Flamethrower while Eilie and Rina support him.

Filk + Camus + Miklotov
Fancy Lad Attack: Adult Pretty Boy Attack. 1.5x damage to one enemy; Sudden Death chance 25%.

Futch + Sasuke + Luc
Pretty Boy Attack: 1x Damage to all enemies; Unfriendlyness; the trio takes 20% of the damage.

Gijimu + Lo Wen + Koyu
Bandits Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy; Knockdown chances 30%.

Sierra + Bob + Bolgan
Servant Attack: 4x damage to one enemy. (4 TIMES!!!)

Tengaar + Millie + Meg
Pretty Girl Attack: Too many hearts!! 0.5x damage to all enemies.
4 Character Unite Attacks

Lorelai, Rina, Karen, or Kasumi (Choose Three)
Beauty Attack: 0.25 damage to all enemies; Sleep chances 70%.
5 Character Unite Attacks

Makumaku + Mokumoku + Mikumiku + Mukumuku + Mekumeku
Five Squirrel Attack: Instant deaths one enemy; 3% chance for enemies who are impervious to instant death.