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Tips and Cheats

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extra scenes

Bring Valeria to Banner Village to recruit Anita.
Bring Killey to Gregminster to recruit Lorelai.

Defeat Rowd in Kyaro when he comes to arrest you.

Speak to Gengen before you speak to Leona after you are asked to buy some flour from Ryube.

Take Flik or Viktor to Lakewest when recruiting Hix and Tengaar.

When running from the Unicorn Brigade, go north instead of east and examine just to the right of where you'll later leave the X mark. This is also a time saver.

Talk to Shu first the night before your battle with Luca Blight. Your responses trigger an extra scene with Apple the next morning.

Talk to Leona the night before you fight Luca.

Talk to Leona the night before retaking Greenhill.

Take Sierra when recruiting Siegfried.

Take Mikumiku when recruiting Siegfried.

You'd better choose Kasumi then Valeria.

When Pohl asks you to get two pairs of Boots, pick up three and keep the extra pair for yourself.

Early in the game, as soon as you can get to Muse, you can go to Matilda. Simply go to the Muse-Matilda border and push on the gate. It will begin to move like a box. You can enter Matilda and recruit Futch and Humphrey. Beware, though, as enemies here are extremely powerful on your current level. Recruit Futch and Humphrey and let them do all the work in battles.

Speak with the Rune Master at Gregminster and buy all runes that appear in Rare Finds. If there are no rare finds, then just select 'Quit'. Observe the cabinet behind the Rune Master and then speak with him again. There is a 60 to 70 percent chance that the Rare Finds will open up. Try this once during every trip to Gregminster.


Early Level Up Trick
When you are spying on the Highland camp, at the end you get attacked by Highland soldiers. After you beat them, Jowy will hold them off while you run to Nanami. When you reach her, you fight more Highlands(use Bright Shield to defeat them easily). After that she asks where Jowy is. Reply ".....", and more Highlands appear. After the battle she asks you again. Keep replying "...." to fight more Highlands every time. Keep using Bright Sheild until it runs out, then use Flaming Arrows from the fire rune. After the runes run out, use Family Attack on the one with the spear and just attack the rest.(if you're not around level 20 this can be difficult)Anyway, the first couple battles should give close to 1000 experience each. Keep doing that until your levels are pretty high(or they stop giving you less than 100 experience).

Random Teleportation Trick
When you get Viki in your group and ask her to teleport you somewhere, once in a while she will teleport you in the wrong place. One of which is a hidden room in Radat town. Here you'll find many nice items.

Recruiting Clive Tip
When trying to recruit the 108 stars, make sure in Muse you talk to Clive. If you do not do this he will not appear in South Window and you can never get him.

Formation in battle with Luca (new)
Unit 1.
Shiro     camus   Humphrey
Tengar  Riou      Luc
Unit 2
Flik     Freed Y.    Miklotov
Viki     Ellie          Rina
Unit 3
Kasumi     Mondo   Viktor
Hix           Sasuke   Futch
Note: Equip all characters with fire emblem
 Kasumi, Mondo, and Sasuke use their ' item'
There must be a healer in one unit
You can beat te boss easier if u use (new)
Bone Dragon : Wind
Harpy : Lightning
Abomination : Fire
Final battle's formation (new)
Flik   Pesmerga   Camus
Luc   Riou           Mazus