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Mc Dohl's guide

HAve any problems while trying to recruirting Mc Dohl? Look at the solutions here!

The soonest you can find McDohl is after your battle with Luca Blight. As you would expect, he's still in the Toran Republic somewhere.

  Head to Banner Village after that battle, and talk to Ko, the kid who is obsessed with the current hero. Now, if everything was done right, Ko should say how there is a McDohl look-alike staying at his inn, and all he does is go fishing all day. Head to the docks behind the inn.

  Now, if you have all 108 stars in the previous game, Gremio will stop you. If not, Annie will stop you. Since Annie plays the role of Gremio in this side quest if you don't have him, I'll just refer to Gremio and Ellie interchangeably.

  Talk to Ko again. This time he'll tell you that he'll distract Gremio for you. Talk to Gremio again, and he'll rush off to save Ko. This will free up the dock, and you'll get to see McDohl! If any major members from Suikoden 1 are in your party (Viktor, Flik, Humphrey, etc...) They'll say things like "It's been a long time" and what have you.

  McDohl will join your party at this point to help save Ko, who has apparently got into more trouble than he planned. Travel through the forest as if you were heading to Gregminster. You will encounter another worm, but just when you think you've killed him, he'll evolve into a Poison Moth.

  It's safe to lose this battle. In fact, I recommend you do. If you decide to lose this battle, you'll see the powers of the Soul Eater and Bright Shield runes in action. Their powers combine and destroy the Poison Moth.

  Head into Gregminster, and Dr. Liukan will treat the boy. President Lepant will offer the presidency to McDohl. McDohl slowly crawls his way back from your party, and almost makes a break for it at Lepants offer. Eileen will tell Lepant that young men like McDohl should be exploring the world and not cooped up in some air-tight office making executive decisions. Lepant understands, but makes McDohl promise to return some day.

  There are a few more cut scenes. And then, the next morning, You, McDohl, and co. head back to Banner Village. When you reach Banner, McDohl and Gremio will head back to Gregminster, saying that they will stay there for the time being. The cool part is that you can travel through the woods and back to Gregminster anytime and recruit McDohl for your party!

  If you're keeping up with the cooking mini-game, Gremio will give you a recipe. Is it a worthy trade off for reviving Gremio at the end of Suikoden 1? It may not sound like much, but you do get this warm, cozy feeling inside of you, knowing you saved McDohl's best friend at the end of the game.