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Welcome to my Suikoden 2 site


Suikoden II is the best RPG's game i ever had. I like it very much. Here you can find all the names of 108 stars of destiny, how to recruit them, and more information.

I know that i can't build the excellent site, coz' this is my second website. But, however... enjoy it!!

Hii... you can send e-mail to ask me everything ( about Suikoden 2 of course). I will answer it.
You can write in English, (or Indonesian languange coz' i'm indonesian)

Last update
- added my own walktrough (incomplete)
- made a correction on Mc Dohl part
This time i added a few more information for my site...
including :
New... Sound added (restrospection)
New... secret
New... Leknaat's Quote
New... Suikoden 2 Forum ( it's really a forum now! Come on visited it and post your comments!)
New... Guestmap ( A brand new type of Guest book )
Owner Quote : Hihihi, I've been finished Suikoden 2 about 10 times now... and how amusing to do the Matilda Tricks...hehe

Hope you'll enjow my new site...  ^_^

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