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Thunder       : melakukan normal thunder damage
Thundara      : melakukan satu tingkat di atas normal thunder damage
Thundaga      : tingkat paling tinggi thunder damage
Blizzard      : normal ice damage
Blizzara      : satu tingkat lebih tinggi ice damage
Blizzaga      : tingkat paling tinggi ice damage
Fire          : normal fire damage
Fira          : satu tingkat lebih tinggi dari normal fire damage
Firaga        : tingkat paling tinggi fire damage
Water         : normal water damage
Watera        : satu tingkat di atas normal water damage
Waterga       : tingkat paling tinggi water damage
Bio           : konstan mendamage enemy
Haste         : mempercepat satu karakter
Hastega       : mempercepat turn satu party
Slow          : menurunkan kecepatan turn satu musuh
Slowga        : menurunkan kecepatan turn semua musuh
Death         : Instant death 25% of time to target
Demi          : menghilangkan seperempat hp musuh
Drain         : mengambil hp dari musuh
Osmose        : mengambil hp dari musuh
Flare         : menimbulkan non-elemental damage
Ultima        : menimbulkan non-elemental damage kepada semua musuh
Use           : Use special items in battle.
Flee          : semua party lari
Cheer         : meningkatkan srength & defense
Aim           : meningkatkan accurancy
jinx : menurunkan luck musuh
Reflex        : menaikkan party's evasion
Maaf, untuk sementara yang lainnya masih dalam bahasa inggris ^^
Focus         : Increase Magic attack and defense slightly
Luck          : Raise your parties luck slightly
Lancet        : Absorb enemy HP and MP
Guard         : Defend another character
Steal         : Steal items
Spare Change  : Throw Gil at enemy to deal damage. Damage = to Gil/10
Sentinel      : Defends all characters
Copy Cat      : Character mimics the last action done in battle
Threaten      : Freeze one enemy with fear, paralyzing it
Entrust       : Fill another OVerdrive Gauge at the cost of your own
Provoke       : Provokes enemy to attack character
Double Cast   : Cast two magic spells in a row
Bribe         : Bribes enemy to leave the fight. Requires Gil.
Dark Buster   : 100% chance of dark for 1 turn
Silence Buster: 100% chance of silence for 1 turn
Sleep Buster  : 100% chance of sleep for 1 turn
Delay Attack  : Makes enemy lose 1 turn
Delay Buster  : Makes enemy lose 2 turns
Zombie Attack : Cause Zombie status on the target
Dark Attack   : Cause blindness in enemy for 3 turns
Silence Attack: Cause muteness in enemy for 3 turns
Sleep Attack  : Cause drowsiness on enemy for 3 turns
Triple Foul   : Cause 3 statues effects on an enemy
Mug           : Steal and do 1/2 damage to enemy at same time
Quick Hit     : Faster attack rate
Esuna         : Same effect as the remedy item
Regen         : Constantly restore HP
Cure          : Cure up to 600 HP
Cura          : Cure up to 2000 HP
Curaga        : Cure up to 9999 HP
Life          : Revives character in critical condition
Full-Life     : Revive character with full HP. Kill zombies instantly.
Protect       : Receive half damage
Shell         : Receive half magic damage
NulBlaze      : Immune from Fire
NulTide       : Immune from Water
NulFrost      : Immune from Ice
NulShock      : Immune from Thunder
Reflect       : Reflects all curative and offensive magic to opposing party.
Dispel        : Disables all positive status effects
Holy          : Deal massive damage to zombies and fiends
Auto-Life     : Revives a character when killed
Power Break   : Halves enemy attack power
Armor Break   : Halves enemy defense
Magic Break   : Halves enemy Magic Power
Mental Break  : Halves enemy magic defense
Scan          : Reveals the enemies statistics

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